Back on TRACK

Feels like spring, right ? 

… so believe it or not, i re-introduced running into my routine. I start easy this year. 20 minutes of interval jogging. 90 seconds run 30 seconds walk. 

I focus very much on the form, not pushing my fitness just yet. 

My main points: – Warm-up honey bunny ! Plenty of bouncing movements for the fascial elasticity and circular movements for joint mobility. Hit it full range, no mercy there ! – Start off easy ! First rounds restrain the energy ! Jog as if I were happy 85 yo. – Maintaining the slight forward lean (as if falling on my face..but not quiet)- Proud wide open chest, tall posture, easy shoulders, relaxed hands, look forward (never look down)- Small frequent steps- Active dorsal flexion, mid-foot strikes (my natural) – Breath easy, as much through the nose as possible. 

OVERALL bodily feeling during my runs is the feeling as if I were hopping the steps – similar to rope skipping. Soft bouncing with each strike, landing softly like a puma. 

I do this for a week now. Lets see how I manage my discipline. 

PS. After first run I experienced knee pain. I know my body  The pain was due to the unexpected physical stress. It suddenly had to moooove in the same bouncing fashion for 20 minutes ?!?!? Liiiike what do I expect, a cheesecake after that ? … I stretched, foamrolled, did a fascial workout – and all is good again. Not every pain is bad ! Sometimes it is just a signal, that the body is waking up from some „evil evil“ dormant state. 

Appreciate the aliveness & honor the body. 

GuFpro Nina